ABIGAIL : Forever Street Metal Bitch - 7 EUR 
"Cult Black/Thrash from Japan"

ABIGAIL : Welcome all Hellfuckers - 7 EUR 
"Cult Black/Thrash from Japan"

ADRENICIDE : War Begs No Mercy - 5 EUR 
"Crossover Thrash in the vein of of SOD, MOD..."

"Industrial Black Metal from France."

ANACHRONAEON : The Futile Quest for Immortality - 6 EUR
"Melodic Black/Death Metal from Sweden. Between old Dark Tranquility and Dissection! CD 2010."

ANACHRONAEON : The Ethereal Throne - 8 EUR
"Melodic Black/Death Metal from Sweden. Between old Dark Tranquility and Dissection! CD 2012."

ANACHRONAEON : The Oracle and the Keyholder - 8 EUR
"Melodic Black/Death Metal from Sweden. Between old Dark Tranquility and Dissection! CD 2015."

ATOMIZER : Death, Mutation, Disease, Annihilation - 7 EUR 

"Australian Black/Thrash". 

"Black Metal underground." 

BLOODLUST : Cultus Diaboli - 6 EUR 

"Black/Thrash from Australia. In the vein of Destroyer 666."

BLOODROCUTED : Doomed to Annihilation - 5 EUR 

"Old-school Thrash in the vein of Suicidal Tendencies, Bay Area Thrash..."

BOLZER : Aura - 8 EUR 

"Excellent and original duo of occult Black/Death Metal from Switzerland."


"Black Metal friom France."

CHARNIER : Humanicide  - 6 EUR 

"Very good Death Metal from France. recommended!".

CHRONOSPHERE : Embracing Oblivion - 8 EUR 

"Old-school Thrash from Greece. Really good. In the Bay Area style with a lot of shred!"

COMATOSE : The Ultimate Revenge - 8 EUR
"Old-school Death like the early 90es, fabulous! From Philippines."

CONCEIVED BY HATE : Death and Beyond - 7 EUR
"Death/Thrash from El Salvador, very good ! "

CRYPTIC VOICE : ...Retribution Comes - 4 EUR 

"Black/Death from France, à la At the Gates, Dark Tranquility...".

DARKNESS : The Ultimate Prophecy - 9 EUR 

"French Heavy Metal from the eighties. Excellent and rare!"

DARK MANAGARM : Back From Hell - 5 EUR 

"Black Metal from France."

DARK MANAGARM  : 2005/2015 - A Decade of Terrorreign - 5 EUR 

"Black Metal from France."

DAWNPATROL : Doomsday's March of the Dead - 5 EUR 

"Black/Thrash Metal from France for fans of Toxic Holocaust, Razor or Destroyer 666.
MCD 6 tracks, 4 pages booklet including lyrics."

DAWNPATROL : The Dawn of Steel - 8 EUR 

"First full-length of the band. Violent Post Apocalyptic Thrash Metal. Raw with old-school influences (Kreator, Bathory, Bolt Thrower, Massacra, Motorhead, Manowar, Venom...). In the Black/Thrash vein. Dawnpatrol is the soundtrack for the post-nuclear era. In a ravaged world the DP horde watches and is ready to strike, there will be no surrender!"
CD 8 tracks (with 1 intro and 1 outro), 2 tracks from the first demo have been re-recorded (including the classic "Post Nuclear Thrash Metal"), 8 pages booklet with lyrics.

DECAYED : Unholy Demon Seed - 7 EUR 

"Cult Black/Thrash band from Spain. Compilation of all their recordings."

DEMONIC SLAUGHTER: Dark Paths to Catharsis - 7 EUR
"Black Metal excellent. Hass Weg Prod."

DERANGED : Defacing World - 7 EUR
"Old-school Thrash Metal from Chile, very good!"

DESANGRE : Solo Carniceria - 5 EUR 

"Brutal Death Metal from Mexico! - CD 2008"

DESANGRE : Resurreccion - 5 EUR 

"Brutal Death Metal from Mexico - CD 2013"

DEVIL LEE ROT : Doom Devilution - 7 EUR 

"Black/Doom from Sweden. They played Black/Thrash before. Now they have choosen a darker path to meet the Devil with Dark Doom atmospheres!"

DEUS INVERSUS : The Downfall - 4 EUR
"Evil Death Metal from Germany."

DISABLED : When All is Slayed... - 9 EUR 
"Double CD. Cult Death Metal from France! One of the best Death Metal band from this glorious period of the nineties. With all the demos and live!"

DISSIDENT : Unleash the Violence - 5 EUR 

"Old-school Thrash with some crossover attitude. Punishment 18 records."

EVIL ERUPTION : True Evil Never Dies - 6 EUR
"French Black Metal. Raw and chaotic!"

EVIL MADNESS : Bastards Get Rotten - 7 EUR
"Black/Thrash Metal from Chile, excellent!"

EVIL WHIPLASH : Beyond Dimensions - 7 EUR 

"Black/Thrash from Colomby. Iron Blood Death Corp."

EXTREMA : The Old-school EP - 8 EUR 

"Excellent old-school Thrash from this cult band from Italy. Last EP."

GRAND BELIAL'S KEY : Judeobeast Assassination - 9 EUR
"Cult old-school Death Metal from USA."

GRAND BELIAL'S KEY : Mocking the Philantropist - 9 EUR
"Cult old-school Death Metal from USA."

HEADBANGER : Ready to Strike - 6 EUR 

"Old school Thrash Metal, in the old Megadeth style."

"Death/Thrash from Japan."

HORDOUS : Vent Mauvais - 5 EUR 

" Excellent French True Black Metal !! In the vein of old Peste Noire, Mutiilation, Arckanum, Horna...
One man band of Cendres (also member of Dawnpatrol)."

INFFERNAL EXECRATOR : Thy Demonization Conquers - 6 EUR
"Black/Death Metal. In the Archgoat style. Brutal, satanic, true! "

IRON SLAUGHT : Crusading Metal Mercenaries - 8 EUR 

"Excellent French Heavy Metal with influences from Exciter, Manowar..."

LOBOTOMY : Satanic Speed Metal Ritual - 7 EUR

"Killer old-school Speed/Thrash from Malaysia! Metal as it should be! Highly recommended!"

MALAMORTE : Devilish Illusions - 6 EUR
"Black/Heavy Metal from Italy."

MANZER : Pictavian Chronicles - Volume 1 -  8 EUR 

"Compilation of all their demos and EP. The Pictavian bastards!"

MANZER : Beyond the Iron Portal - 8 EUR 

"New album! Black'n Roll from France. In the vein of Venom, Bulldozer, Motorhead. Old-school influenced!"

MORTIFIER : Kampfen - 8 EUR
"Cult true Black Metal from Italy. One of the oldest band from this country."

MUTIILATION : Vampires of Black Imperial Blood - 8 EUR 

"Drakkar Prod. re-release 2012"

MUTIILATION : Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn) - 8 EUR 

"Drakkar Prod. re-release 2012"

MUTILATED MESSIAH : Total Fucking Slaughter - 5 EUR

"old Black/Thrash, like Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Warhammer, Slaughter..."

NEO INFERNO 262 : Hacking the Holy Code - 7 EUR
"Industrial Black Metal with members of Arkhon Infaustus, Merrimack, Vorkreist ... "

NETHERTALE : Abyssal Throne - 6 EUR
"Melodic Death Metal in the vein of Dark Tranquility."

NOCTERNITY : Harps of the Ancient Temples - 7 EUR
"Greek Black Metal. For fans of Necromentia, old Rotting Christ..."

PERVERSIFIER : Perverting the Masses - 8 EUR 

"Excellent old-school Speed/Thrash from France!"

POSSESSOR : City Built with Skulls - 7 EUR 

"Old-school american Thrash Metal, similar to Dark Angel, Nasty Savage... Very good!"

PURGE : Sordid Preludes to Purgatory - 6 EUR
"Death Metal from France. With members of Merrimack, Glorior Belli, Anteus ..."

REMAINS : Evoking Darkness - 7 EUR
"Old-school Death Metal from Mexico! Excellent!"

SCHIZO : Main Frame Collapse - 9 EUR 

"Cult violent Thrash Metal album from the eighties with punk influences of this band from Italy."

SCHIZO : Rotten Spiral - 7 EUR 
"Last album of this cult band from Italy. Insane thrash with modern sound."

SEKTOR : Alpha - 7 EUR
"Death/Thrash from Germany".

SHUD : Rot in Pieces - 9 EUR 

"Double CD. Cult Death Metal from France. All the demos, with bonus live tracks and rehearsals."

SLAVIA : Integrity and Purity - 8 EUR
"Elitist Black Metal!"

SVARTFELL : Apocryphe Apocalypse - 7 EUR 
"Concept album about the templars and the apocryphal writings. French occult Black Metal. Still with a raw sound and some Thrash riffs."

SVARTFELL : Day of the Unholy Massacre - 7 EUR 

"French Black Metal with a Vermeth member. Drakkar Productions. Their second release. In the old way and epic, as if Bathory met Vlad Tepes and Moonblood!"

SVARTFELL : The Sentence of Satan - 10 EUR 

"True underground Black Metal. No keyboards or female vocals. Only true satanic Black Metal. The first album."

TEMPLE OF WORMS : Rites of Putrefaction - 5 EUR
"True Death Metal. Gore and brutal !! "

TORK RAN : Tales of Death - 9 EUR 

"Double CD. French Thrash Metal of the 80es. Rare!"

THOR'S HAMMER : The Fate Worse than Death - 7 EUR 

"Black Metal from Poland. With ex member of Graveland."

TSJUDER : Demonic Possession - 8 EUR 

"Drakkar prod. re-release 2011".

ULTRA-VIOLENCE : Privilege to Overcome - 8 EUR 

"Old-school Thrash from Italy. In the Bay Area style (Death Angel, Megadeth, Testament, Exodus...)."

UNDER ATTACK : High on Metal / The Aftermath - 7 EUR 

"A compilation of their two first EPs. Killer Black/Thrash Metal in the old way with a nordic pagan feeling as Bathory "Hammerheart" era!"

UNPURE : Trinity in Black - 8 EUR
"Old traditional Black Metal from Sweden."

UNTIMELY DEMISE : City of Steel - 7 EUR 

"Old-school Thrash Metal with some Death and Black influences."

VERMETH : Suicide or be Killed! - 8 EUR 

"Drakkar Prod. Black Legions Metal. With Svartfell member."

VINDICATOR / METAL WITCH : Outbreak of Metal Vol. 1 -  7 EUR 

"American old school Heavy Metal".

VIOLBLAST : Conflict - 7 EUR
"Thrash Metal from Spain."

VLAD TEPES : War Funeral March - 10 EUR
"Black Legions Metal. France."

VOMIT OF DOOM : Obey the Darkness - 5,00 EUR
"Old-school black/thrash, primitive."

WARSENAL : Barn Burner - 5 EUR 

"Old-school Thrash. Punishment 18 records."

WEAPÖNIZER : Weapönizer - 6 EUR 

"Black/Thrash from USA. With Punk influences and attitude. Iron Blood Death Corp."

WOSLOM : A near Life Experience - 7 EUR  

"Old-school Thrash with some crossover side. For fans of Municipal Waste, Exodus..."

ZEBARGES : Dirty Rotten Killers - 4 EUR 

"Punk with french lyrics."


DAWNPATROL : Nuclear Overkill - 4 EUR 
"Black/thrash with Razor, old Sepultura, Venom influences. With a member of Svartfell. Nuclear sound!"

DAEMONLORD : The End of the Era - 4 EUR 

"Raw Black Metal from Spain."

FRONT : Demo 2015 - 4 EUR 

"Death/Thrash from Finland."

SVARTFELL : Inconsulta Ira - 6 EUR 

"Ep back to the roots for Svartfell, raw sound, aggressive tracks, with some morbid atmospheres and melodies for a unique French old school Black Metal. No compromises, underground and true to its style Svartfell is back with vengeance and war! The lyrics start a new era for Svartfell, making references to french occultism and history.

A lost excellent track about the dark story of the templars from the Apocryphe Apocalypse album has been added as bonus track!"

SVARTFELL : Beyond the Realms of Death - 4 EUR 
"Old school Black Metal in the vein of old Darkthrone. Very dark and primitive. The first demo."

SVARTFELL : The Sentence of Satan - 6 EUR 

"Drakkar prod. re-release 2007. No keyboards or female vocals. Only true satanic Black Metal. The first album."

WATAIN : Rabid Death Curse - 5 EUR 

"Satanic Propaganda release 2008".